Portsmouth Lakeside parkrun

On 11th May I went to Portsmouth Lakeside parkrun for my 8th parkrun location. I picked up Maria and we made the short journey to Portsmouth. We’re so lucky having so many parkrun locations so close to where we live. This was really easy to get to and had the bonus of plentiful free parking.

Once we got there we went and shivered whilst waiting for the new runners briefing. It was surprisingly cold! We bumped in to Lorna who I met through junior parkrun. It was nice to see her as I’d not seen her for a while. We then went and listened to the new runners briefing. The lady giving the briefing was really funny. She was also the tail walker and was so encouraging, cheering people on and giving high fives. She’s a real credit to the parkrun team.

I’ve never been to Portsmouth Lakeside before but it just looked like an business park. However, once we got going I soon realised there was much more to it. Behind the buildings was a wooded area with a lake. It was really pretty. I ran with Maria, as we no longer work together, parkruns are our catch up time. We both said how nice the course was and how pretty it was. We also couldn’t believe how it suddenly became really warm as the sun came out. Shame it hadn’t been out when we were waiting for the off!

We ran at a good pace but towards the end I felt myself flagging a bit and Maria had to encourage me to keep up with her. I always think I set off too quickly but my splits were actually pretty consistent, with my last mile being my quickest! Maria told me to sprint finish but I couldn’t manage one, I’d given everything I had in the tank. Strange that the last mile was my quickest though! I finished in 35:32.

Post run

I actually felt really hot when we were running but for once, in the picture I actually don’t resemble a tomato!

Do you like trying new parkrun courses?

Do you like to give a sprint finish?

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2 thoughts on “Portsmouth Lakeside parkrun

  1. That’s a lovely picture- well done!
    I do love visiting different parkruns, it’s so nice to find out about other parks and places to visit. I’ve been to that one when I stayed in the Village hotel- you can’t get much closer to the start line!
    I try for a sprint finish, but it’s all relative, as other people around me will still be overtaking me!

  2. Well done on another great time! You’ve come so far!
    I walk round that lake most days during lunch! And run round as part of my run route when I runch. It is a lovely place to work. Very scenic šŸ™‚

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