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I Tried A New Exercise Class. It Was Awful!

When it comes to exercise I like trying new things. That’s why I enjoy using the PopSugar Fitness Channel on YouTube. There are so many different types of workouts on there. I follow lots of people who enjoy fitness on social media too and I’m always interested to see results from classes they’ve attended. One that kept popping up was a class called Clubbercise.

According to their website Clubbercise brings a night out to your workout. It’s a “fun, easy to follow dance workout with rave glow sticks and disco lights” Sounds pretty fun right? I thought so too. I convinced a friend to come with me and on Monday we turned up for our first class. We walked in to a darkened hall with disco lights going round the room. We signed the health questionnaire and picked up our glowsticks. I was really looking forward to it. Who doesn’t love dancing around to a bit of cheesy pop?

The instructor turned on the music and began to do the moves on the stage. She was dressed all in black and it was pretty hard to see her properly in the darkened room. As we continued I soon realised the instructor wasn’t speaking. I’ve done a few exercise classes/exercise DVDs in my time and expected her to at least be counting, or saying what the next move was but she was silent. Then half way through each song she would stop and go over to the laptop, I presume to line up the next track. Luckily the woman directly in front of me knew all the moves (and had some serious rhythm) so I was able to carry on by copying her but I’m not sure what those behind did each time.

I mentioned to my friend how strange it all seemed and she agreed. As the class progressed she continually stopped halfway through to use the laptop and even started a song and disappeared off the stage to use the toilet. Then she spoke…and what did she say? “Just copy these guys (gesturing to the front couple of rows) if you want the proper moves. I’m just doing the modifications because I’m lazy”

You’re lazy?! Really glad I gave you £5 for this shambles then! I was clock watching from 20 minutes in because it was so ridiculous. Usually you find time passes quicker than you expected in a class but not this one. There was the offer to do another hour for another £2 as there is no class the week after. We politely declined! I’d barely broken a sweat and I didn’t expect that to change by putting up with another hour!

When we left and got in the car I said to my friend “Well that was a load of rubbish!” To which she replied “Oh thank god, I was expecting you to want to come back so I’ve spent most of the class thinking up excuses of why I couldn’t”

Have you ever been to a rubbish exercise class?

Have you ever tried Clubbercise and had a better experience than the one I had?