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What I’m Doing To Help My Running

So, other than parkrun and going to Gosport Road Runners, what am I doing?

I know to make a strong runner I need to work on my body as a whole, not just run. So I’ve been incorporating some other workouts in to my schedule. I have to admit, I’m no expert here. I’m just doing what I think I should/what feels right.

Spin: Since joining the gym next door to work I have been attending spin classes once or twice a week.

Yoga: I’ve seen a few runners on Instagram and Twitter say that Yoga really aids their running as it helps them stretch certain areas out etc. I started by having a look on YouTube and discovered a channel called Yoga with Adriene. There’s allsorts of workouts on there so I’ve enjoyed giving them a go. I’m finding it really helps with stretching my legs. I’m looking forward to seeing if my flexibility improves too. I also think it’d be nice to do some routines in the garden when the weather is warmer.

Strength and Conditioning: Again, I’ve turned to YouTube for this too. I like having someone tell me what to do and since I don’t know anyone that can do that in the gym, I’m sticking with YouTube. I’ve been using a channel called HASfit. They too have a good range of videos and some specifically for beginners like myself. Again, this is something I might try in the garden once the weather improves. There’s something appealing about being outdoors.

What do you do other than running?

Can you suggest anything else you think I should do?

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