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New Running Friends

On Thursday (17th May) I headed to my running club. I haven’t been for ages but as my friend couldn’t make spin class I thought I’d show my face. My club always post the run options the night before and I’m going to be honest, there’s not always something for me. However this week there was a walk so I thought if nothing else came up with a slower pace I could always join the walk group and it’s still at least some movement.

When I got there I found Rachel and said hello. She asked if I was running so I explained the situation. Rachel is a long standing member of our club and she said she’d find me someone to run with. She came back a few minutes later and introduced me to 3 ladies heading out for a slow and steady 3 miles.

I was a bit apprehensive about heading out with people I didn’t know but we soon got chatting. That’s the thing about being a member of a run club, you all have at least one thing in common, running! As we ran along I found my pace matched pretty much perfectly with one of the women. We ran together as the other two women ran/walked. We’d stop periodically to regroup and then run on.

The lucky thing about where I live is, you’re never too far from a beach! We headed out of the club, past Alverstoke Lake where some children were having a kayak lesson and then on to Stokes Bay and along the prom. It was a warm one but absolutely beautiful out. We stopped at the half way point to regroup and have a little breather. We bumped in to the walk group and had a chat about our upcoming club takeover at parkrun.

We then ran back to club. Afterwards the lady I ran with thanked me and said that’s the best she’s run in a long time and I’d really helped her to keep running as she’d have taken more walk breaks without me. I felt pretty chuffed with that. It’s usually others helping me, not the other way round!

Are you a member of a running club?

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GRR Beginners Group Week 3 and IT Band Troubles

On Tuesday I went to Week 3 of Gosport Road Runners Beginners Group. Again it was good fun, manageable and I really enjoyed it. I think having these sessions is what’s helping my running click in to place at the moment.

We started with a warm up and brisk walk before starting the run/walk segment. This week the splits were one and a half minutes of running, followed by two minutes of walking. This was easy in reality so what I did was run a little faster than I normally would on the run segments as I knew it’d be followed by a sweet two whole minutes of walking!

I was right up at the front of the group too which was also a little confidence boost. We had to keep walking back to try and keep the group tighter together as we spread out as time went by.

We run round and round this block

When we were done we did a brisk walk to cool down followed by some stretching. I felt good afterwards in myself but I started to get a bit of discomfort down the outside of my thigh. It definitely wasn’t a pain, but discomfort. I did a bit of googling that night and it looked like it might be my IT band.

So I did what any novice runner like myself would do and asked a professional for help the next morning. I text the lovely Anna the next morning and she gave me lots of advice, stretches and exercises. I’m so grateful that she’s willing to share her wealth of knowledge with me.

I decided to give spin a miss on Thursday as I wanted to give the IT band a chance to settle down and something I read online said you can get a sore IT band if you’re a cyclist too.

I have to miss next weeks beginners group as I have a meeting at work until 8pm. I’m disappointed to miss it but hopefully I’ll still manage to get the run in somehow, later in the week maybe.

After the session at Beginners I was speaking to one of the coaches who has encouraged me to try running more than 5K now, just upping it slowly. Obviously this is the natural next step, but why do I feel so nervous?!

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Gosport Road Runners Beginners Group Take Two

Last year I joined the Gosport Road Runners Beginners Group. I had to pull out after week two as I had an Achilles injury. I never managed to go back as my Achilles kept me out of action for the remainder of the course.

GRR run their Beginners Group twice a year; August and January. It was time for me to try again!

We were split in to three groups. As I’m already a member of Gosport Road Runners I got to choose what group I went in. Members perks! I went straight for the group being co-led by my good friend Rachel. We went out on to the cycle path that runs near the club and warmed up. We then did lots of intervals between lampposts. We ran to one then walked to the next and repeat. Then we ran two and walked one and repeat. I found it easy and manageable. I kept up with everyone and wasn’t the slowest! Relief and also a big change from when I joined in August.

After the intervals all the beginners came back together and we did a run around the block. We were told to take this at our own pace as this would then determine what group we were in to for the remainder of the weeks. I took it easy and managed to run most of the way, just needing one walk break as I definitely started too quick! When we were finished I was told I’d be in group two or I could pick a group.

They didn’t put us in to groups last time, despite saying they would, but there’s no doubt I’d have been in the bottom group as I was slower and able to run a lot less then.

I’m looking forward to the next few weeks and seeing what they entail. To the session I wore my new leggings I bought from Marks & Spencers I thought they’d be perfect for running in the dark as they have reflective spots on them. I got lots of compliments on them and were told the reflective spots were really effective.

Reflective Leggings

My priority now is to make sure I do some strength and conditioning exercises to help build my strength up and hopefully I’ll manage to complete the course this time! Fingers Crossed!

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I Am A Broken Runner

Since getting back from my holiday to Brazil my running was going really well.

At the weekend, before last, I’d run/walked Lee-on-the-Solent parkrun. I started with run 1 minute and walk 1 minute as there was a pacer (my lovely friend Rachel) but as I got to the first turnaround point I was struggling to keep up. It was perhaps a touch too far from the 30 seconds run/1 minute walk. I dropped back to my usual and completed the course that way in a time of 45:47, only 22 seconds off my PB.

On Tuesday I went to Gosport Road Runners and joined my lovely friend Rachel again who was leading the run/walk group. We did 1 minute run and 1 minute walk at a slightly slower pace than parkrun. I kept up and we completed 2.7 miles. I was really pleased and enjoyed the chatty sociable run. I met a couple of people I’d never met before including a chap named Sid who has been a member of Gosport Road Runners for over 30 years. He was a funny guy who had me laughing all the way round and took my mind off the run. Beforehand I had been apprehensive about going as it was after work. I work long hours, I never seem to drink enough and there isn’t the opportunity to have a snack before heading out. Everything that could make a run disastrous. But I did it, and now I know I can do it again!

On Thursday I went to Virtual Spin at the gym with Maria from work. It was a different video to the ones we had done before and there were a couple of sections that were killer! It was good though. I always leave spin feeling like I’ve had a really good workout.

On Saturday I was the Run Director at parkrun. It all went really smoothly with no real incidents so I enjoyed it a lot. That afternoon I did my run. It had been so cold on the seafront and so windy I decided to do 5K on the treadmill. The run went fine. I did 1 minute run and 1 minute walk and it felt fine and at one point I felt really strong and like running was finally clicking in to place. After my run I stretched and then when I removed my trainers I got the dreaded achilles pain I got in August except this time in my right foot instead of my left.

I’m hoping it doesn’t leave me out of action for 4 weeks like last time! I participated in ukrunchat (@ukrunchat on Twitter) on Sunday night and got some sound advice about how to help it so I’ll be doing those exercises and stretches daily to try and help it. I’m gutted to be honest. How am I ever going to make it to ten miles at the Great South Run if I just keep breaking?!

Yesterday was a busy day. We had junior parkrun in the morning then headed straight back to Lee-on-the-Solent to spectate at the Gosport Half Marathon. We had to go such a topsy turvy way due to the road closures, I’m glad Maggie was driving and not me!

The Gosport Half Marathon is always such a good race put on by Gosport Road Runners. I felt like I didn’t know as many people this year, probably because members of GRR aren’t allowed to run the race and that’s where most of my friends are. The beauty of this race is you can manage to spot people 4 times as they do two loops. I saw friends from parkrun, parents from work and Anna.

I came home feeling disheartened. Usually after watching a race I feel motivated and looking forward to my next run but my achilles has just left me feeling low and wondering if this running lark is actually good for you after all!

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November Roundup

Please tell me it’s not just me that thinks November has passed in the blink of an eye? And now here we are approaching December and Christmas at break neck speed!! So, before November completely disappears here’s what I got up to.

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Christmas cups arrived at Costa! I love these, the Christmas cups are designed to look like Christmas jumpers. It’s like your cup has a Christmas jumper on to keep your coffee/hot chocolate warm. So far I’ve tried the Toasted Marshmallow Hot Chocolate and the Mint Hot Chocolate. Has to be said both taste divine. I’ve not actually tried any of the coffees yet but believe me, it won’t be long!

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On November 5th I went to a baby shower. I’ve never been to a baby shower before but it was so much fun. It was all planned for them by another good friend and she did fun games, a quiz and arranged a stunning venue which is where this picture was taken. We went to The Vintage Tea Room in Fareham. I’d never been there before and it was so lovely. We had sandwiches, scones with cream and jam, then the most delicious slices of cake. I’d definitely visit again.

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I went in to Southampton and did some shopping in November. I went to John Lewis in West Quay to look at the Buster’s Garden range and bought these two cuties. Well you all know I have an obsession with foxes. There’s more about these guys coming in my Christmas Haul posts. They start on December 1st so be sure to check them out.

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It wouldn’t be my blog or a monthly roundup with out a picture of the Solent now would it? I still sometimes look at this view literally a two minute walk from my front door and think “Wow, I live here!” It still doesn’t feel real sometimes but here we are heading towards our second Christmas here.

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Another bit of Christmas shopping! Again, there’s more information coming up on these in my Christmas Haul posts so keep your eyes peeled for those.

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Last week was the Gosport Half Marathon held by the Gosport Road Runners. I had such a good time marshalling at the race and did a post about it here.

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Finally, whilst visiting a local garden centre they had reindeer! They were so lovely and you were able to stroke them and hand feed them. Naturally I had a go at feeding one. It felt very magical to be hand feeding one of Santa’s Reindeer 😉

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