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Halloween Memories

I remember as a child not going Trick or Treating. My parents saw it as a sign of begging and back then Trick or Treating wasn’t as big as it is now.

However when I was 9 I was allowed to go! I went with my best friend and another friend of ours, her older sister and her older sisters friend. We had a blast. We got dressed up, we received so many treats as well as toothpaste samples! The lady told us they were for after eating all our treats! Actually a neat idea! We also had some tricks played on us, the one I remember was a lady answering her front door but her husband running out of the back door in a ghost costume! We screamed so loud, much to his amusement, but he did give us some treats afterwards.

My best friend and I both dressed up as witches. I remember borrowing her Mum’s shawl! We’re also wearing bin bags as dresses! And for some reason we decided to both wear trolls around our necks. I have no idea why but I’m sure there was a reason at the time.


Afterwards we went to our friend’s house where we watched a show called Ghostwatch. It was made to seem like live TV and at the time we thought it was. There were presenters in a studio and then a crew that had gone to investigate a house with a Poltergeist called Pipes. It actually scared us all silly and I remember when I got home I demanded my Mum come to the bathroom with me so I could brush my teeth as I was scared Pipes was in there! It sounds ridiculous but I was only 9 years old! I’ve just noticed on the cover art it’s rated a 12. Weren’t we rebels!


What are your Halloween memories?

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How I Earned the Halloween 5K Medal

I entered my result for this race as soon as I’d done a 5K in October. By the time you read this post I’ll be away on holiday and I wanted to make sure I’d entered my 5K time well before going on holiday because otherwise I’d forget for sure!

So I completed this 5K on 7th October at parkrun. I’d really wanted a 5K PB but sadly it wasn’t to be as the wind was ferocious. That’s the thing about having a seafront parkrun, it can be so windy. As it was parkruns 13th Birthday my local parkrun had put on a pacing event so people could try for a PB but even the pacers struggled to make it in on time due to the wind. So a sub 45 minute parkrun still eludes me but I’ll keep trying. Or maybe I’ll have managed it by the time you read this! We’ll see!

So with a time of 45:36 I earned the 5K Halloween Medal from Virtual Runner UK. This medal was a surprise as, for some reason, I didn’t realise it opens up! It’s another really cool medal.

Halloween 5K Medal

Halloween 5K Medal

It’s such a great medal, I love that it opens and says Trick or Treat. What a neat idea. The medals from Virtual Runner just get better and better.


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My Favourite Halloween Movies

As Halloween draws closer I thought I’d list some of my favourite Halloween/Scary movies. Snuggling down under a blanket on a cold Autumn evening is the perfect way to spend time!

The Craft – The film focuses on 4 teenage girls who are outcasts. They use witch craft to make things go their way. The main character is Sarah who has just moved to the area and becomes friends with three girls. The spells they perform soon start to have a negative impact on their lives rather than the positive impact they had hoped for.

The Craft

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The Witches – I loved this film as a child. It’s based on the Roald Dahl novel by the same name. It’s about a little boy called Luke who goes to stay in a hotel with his Grandmother. She tells him that Witches exist among us and the tell tale signs. It turns out the hotel they’re in is hosting a convention attended by Witches from all around the World. The film is about how Luke plans to get rid of the Witches.

The Witches

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The Addams Family – And the sequel to this film, The Addams Family Values. Both films I loved as a child. I used to like watching the old TV series of The Addams Family so when this came out I remember going to see it at the cinema. The storyline isn’t great but it’s still fun.

The Addams Family

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Stephen King’s IT – Ah this film is a classic. I watched it as a child and didn’t find it in the least bit scary. I’m worse watching it as an adult!! I’ve yet to see the new one. This film is about Pennywise the Clown and a group of outcast children. Why are they always outcasts? The story is about how they kill IT.

Stephen King's IT

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Carrie – Another classic horror movie. Again I saw this as a child and it had no effect, but scares the life out of me now. The hand at the end gets me every time. If you know, you know 😉 Carrie is an outcast! Another outcast who lives with her Mother who is an extreme Christian and slightly crazy. She gets bullied at school so another school girl asks her boyfriend to ask Carrie to the prom. The prom doesn’t go to plan!


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What are your favourite Halloween/Scary films?

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Why I Love Autumn

Blogging about why Autumn is the best season is a bit of a blogging cliché isn’t it. However I genuinely do love Autumn…and Winter. I prefer the colder months, maybe because I was born in Winter? Who knows but it’s definitely my favourite time of year and here’s why:

The crisp cold weather and changing colours

It’s the first glimpse of things to come. You feel that little bite in the air and can start layering up clothes. Everything looks pretty as it starts to change colour.  I love walking in the woods in this weather crunching through the leaves, or now, going for walks along the beach. You can finally get out and about and not have to worry about sun cream and coming back a hot sweaty mess! What’s not to like?!


The Coffee shops up their game

Coffee shops really up their game in Autumn starting with Starbucks. I’m a Costa girl through and through but for those couple of weeks that Pumpkin Spiced Lattes come out I switch allegiance (but only for those few weeks) They also change their cups and then the Christmas ranges start. I’m not going to comment on that just now though as that’s a whole other post.


The warming food

Autumn is the perfect time to make use of your slow cooker to make casseroles, stews, soups and chillis. All those warming foods and you can actually make them pretty healthy too if you add lots of veggies and butternut squash! Then when you’ve eaten all the veggies, you can drink more hot chocolate! Autumn is great because you can drink hot chocolate guilt free because hey, you’re just using it to warm up right?!


It’s the start of the celebrations

Halloween, Bonfire Night, Black Friday hey we don’t celebrate it but I’ll take the sales it brings any day and then the lead up to Christmas, it’s just the best time and the decorations are fun.


My Mickey Mouse pumpkin

And now let the countdown to Christmas begin!!

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