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Was It A Running Injury?

I’m about a month behind on updates about how my running is going! Oops! Hopefully over the Christmas break I’ll manage to get caught up.

On 27th November Maria and I went back to the spin class we used to attend at the gym. We haven’t been to a spin class since I got my injury on 9th June. We were looking forward to getting back to it. I’d left it so long after my return to running because I wanted to be so so sure that everything was ok. 

Before Spin

Obviously we take our class very seriously, and before it began, we took selfies with filters. We were pretty pumped to find out the class was our favourite one. We do Virtual Spin, which basically means they play a video. It’s a bit like doing a DVD at home, except you’re in a spin studio.

We really enjoyed the class and both left absolutely buzzing. Completing a spin class gives me that high feeling. I’ve yet to experience that from running! To quote one of my favourite movie characters, Elle Woods…

So really spin class is keeping my husband safe too! 

However, the next couple of days, as well as the saddle soreness you experience from a spin class I could also feel my injury. Don’t get me wrong, it was nothing like as painful as it had been. In fact it wasn’t so much painful, but really uncomfortable. Which makes me wonder, was it a running injury after all? Perhaps it actually came from a spin class and running the parkrun that morning just upset it further? Perhaps that’s why when the physio asked me what I did to cause it, I didn’t know the answer. I didn’t do anything, I was just plodding along.

That uncomfortable feeling lasted a good couple of days. As a result, I haven’t been back to a spin class again. My running is going so well at the minute I just don’t want to risk aggravating the injury again by continuing to spin. I’m pretty disappointed though because I do love the spin classes.

Have you had to give up something you enjoy for health reasons?

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The Run Where Tech Went Wrong

I was the Run Director at parkrun this week. I’d like to say it went off without event but that wouldn’t be true. I won’t go in to too much detail but I had to handle a volatile situation and that kinda thing is pretty scary! Other than that though it was a great experience yet again being an RD. We had a whopper turn out – 470 runners! I meant to try a run Saturday afternoon but chose to nap instead.

Thanks to Peter Stoddard for snapping this picture

Sunday morning I was off to volunteer at junior parkrun. I decided I’d get there a little early and go for a trial run. I say trial because I needed too test my knee that had been really sore (more here) I took my kindle in the car just in case I needed to stop and then would have time to kill. Anyway I got to Stokes Bay just before 8am. My plan being a 2 mile run if my knee was ok and that takes me about half an hour so I’d be back in time to volunteer.

So I get myself ready, opened the Strava app on my watch…and it didn’t work. It said I needed to open the app on my phone. I opened the app on my phone…and nothing happened. My app on my watch still wouldn’t work. No worries I thought I’ll just start Strava on my phone when I’ve completed my warm up. Once I’d done that I opened Strava on my phone and set it going. But then I wasn’t sure what to do, do I wait for the screen to lock itself or should I just lock it? Will the app still work if I just lock it? I decided to chance it and lock the phone thinking I’d check on it after a short while.

I set off running up the prom but as I got towards the end instead of turning round I decided to head on the grassy/gravel paths towards Fort Gilkicker as a couple of people had told me this would help strengthen my knees and ankles. Jeez, no one told me how hard it is to run on grass. It was hard going but I got to Gilkicker (approx half a mile) and thought I’d turn here as they’re doing some work and I wasn’t sure if you could get all the way around it. As I turned I took a walk break so thought I’d check how Strava was going on my phone. My phone was dead. It showed the lock screen but wouldn’t let me swipe up to unlock it. I tried switching it off but it wouldn’t even let me do that. So instead I started the apple fitness app on my watch.

Now I was going to have to start again with the two miles because I’m a fussy person and didn’t want to leave it at 1.5 miles knowing I’d probably run half a mile already. I struggled again over the grass and gravel but once I got back on to the prom I found my rhythm and ran. I took very few walk breaks which I was pleased about. As I turned around to make my way back to where the volunteers meet I got a couple of beeps from cars which were the volunteers starting to arrive. As I continued my way back I saw them setting up but guess what?! I was only at 1.9 miles! Imagine my embarrassment when I had to run past them shouting “I’ve misjudged! I need to run another 0.1!” Luckily they laughed and told me they’d see me in a minute.

When I finished I popped in to the toilets and then afterwards thought I’d see if I could fix my phone as I walked back to the car to put some warm clothes on. My phone worked straight away this time! And Strava was still running! I wish I’d checked it as soon as I’d finished as I’d have stopped it at the right time but hey ho. At least my phone isn’t completely broken which was a fear on my mind. Anyway it turns out I ran 2 and a half miles after all.

Thanks to Eileen Bartlett who snapped this picture of Penny and I chatting right after my run

Now I’ve had time to recover, everything feels fine. No knee pain, just the usual Achilles niggle, which I always seem to have. So, that means I’m all set to go to the beginners group at my run club again! Fingers crossed I don’t break on week 2 like I did last time.

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I Am A Broken Runner

Since getting back from my holiday to Brazil my running was going really well.

At the weekend, before last, I’d run/walked Lee-on-the-Solent parkrun. I started with run 1 minute and walk 1 minute as there was a pacer (my lovely friend Rachel) but as I got to the first turnaround point I was struggling to keep up. It was perhaps a touch too far from the 30 seconds run/1 minute walk. I dropped back to my usual and completed the course that way in a time of 45:47, only 22 seconds off my PB.

On Tuesday I went to Gosport Road Runners and joined my lovely friend Rachel again who was leading the run/walk group. We did 1 minute run and 1 minute walk at a slightly slower pace than parkrun. I kept up and we completed 2.7 miles. I was really pleased and enjoyed the chatty sociable run. I met a couple of people I’d never met before including a chap named Sid who has been a member of Gosport Road Runners for over 30 years. He was a funny guy who had me laughing all the way round and took my mind off the run. Beforehand I had been apprehensive about going as it was after work. I work long hours, I never seem to drink enough and there isn’t the opportunity to have a snack before heading out. Everything that could make a run disastrous. But I did it, and now I know I can do it again!

On Thursday I went to Virtual Spin at the gym with Maria from work. It was a different video to the ones we had done before and there were a couple of sections that were killer! It was good though. I always leave spin feeling like I’ve had a really good workout.

On Saturday I was the Run Director at parkrun. It all went really smoothly with no real incidents so I enjoyed it a lot. That afternoon I did my run. It had been so cold on the seafront and so windy I decided to do 5K on the treadmill. The run went fine. I did 1 minute run and 1 minute walk and it felt fine and at one point I felt really strong and like running was finally clicking in to place. After my run I stretched and then when I removed my trainers I got the dreaded achilles pain I got in August except this time in my right foot instead of my left.

I’m hoping it doesn’t leave me out of action for 4 weeks like last time! I participated in ukrunchat (@ukrunchat on Twitter) on Sunday night and got some sound advice about how to help it so I’ll be doing those exercises and stretches daily to try and help it. I’m gutted to be honest. How am I ever going to make it to ten miles at the Great South Run if I just keep breaking?!

Yesterday was a busy day. We had junior parkrun in the morning then headed straight back to Lee-on-the-Solent to spectate at the Gosport Half Marathon. We had to go such a topsy turvy way due to the road closures, I’m glad Maggie was driving and not me!

The Gosport Half Marathon is always such a good race put on by Gosport Road Runners. I felt like I didn’t know as many people this year, probably because members of GRR aren’t allowed to run the race and that’s where most of my friends are. The beauty of this race is you can manage to spot people 4 times as they do two loops. I saw friends from parkrun, parents from work and Anna.

I came home feeling disheartened. Usually after watching a race I feel motivated and looking forward to my next run but my achilles has just left me feeling low and wondering if this running lark is actually good for you after all!

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