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Feeling Lost With Running

This post is a bit of a brain dump with something that’s been bothering me.

I feel a bit lost with my running at the minute. I keep finding plans, printing them out and doing day one but then the next time I run I think I’ll try this, or try this combination of run/walking etc. I know I’ve been making progress with my running but part of me can’t help but feel it’s all been a bit of a fluke so far.

This morning (Monday – This is a scheduled post) I decided to go back to basics, back to where it all began (in 2012 when I started running) and did Couch to 5K Week 1 Day 1. I thought I’d breeze it on the treadmill, after all I’m already doing parkruns. I actually didn’t though. It was a good workout and by the end I was sweating! I rounded it up to 2 miles by adding in two extra 1 minute runs.

But now what do I do. I’m thinking of sticking with the Couch to 5K but then what should I do at parkruns? I’ve been doing 30 seconds of running and 45 seconds of walking recently and have felt ok with that, not brilliant but it’s ok and manageable. Or do I just go and run when I can and walk when I need to? Is this the approach I should just take to running? Who says it needs to be so regimented?! There’s also the beginners group at my running club coming up at my running club, do I join that?! Gah, everyone makes it all look so straight forward but getting started is definitely the hardest thing.

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