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The Beast From The East

I’m a little behind with blogging so forgive me for having to mention the The Beast From The East! On 3rd March I was due to be Run Director at my local parkrun. There had been forecasts for snow but being on the South Coast, snow is quite a rarity. I’d prepped the kit naively thinking there wouldn’t be any snow, or if there were, there wouldn’t be very much of it.

Thursday afternoon came and so did the snow. It got so bad that work started to send people home. I left just after 2.30pm. The snow continued and in to Friday. We were given a snow day at work on Friday which meant I could make the final checks on the kit. By Friday night we were starting to think of a plan for the Saturday morning.

Myself and another RD agreed that we’d meet at 7am and walk the course to see how the promenade was looking. However, once she arrived at my house we already knew it was a no go. I couldn’t stand on my drive without sliding on the ice. When I managed to get off my drive the pavement was hard compacted ice. We made the decision to cancel.

Myself and the ED went down to our starting point at 8.45 just in case anyone hadn’t seen the announcements on our social media. We turned 4 people away which wasn’t too bad, it meant the message had got through. We did feel really bad for once fella. He’d travelled to us from Chichester after they had cancelled the night before. He told us he’d not seen the announcements on social media but this was to be his 99th run and the following week he’d travel to Manchester to run his 100th run whilst his brother ran his 200th. Now he was going to have to run his 99th in Manchester! Oops!

We were definitely justified in making the cancellation but I did feel bad for him!

Snow on the prom

The next day was like the snow never happened. It all melted, there were blue skies and sunshine! Crazy!

I went for a 4 mile run the next day. I had a rough idea of where I’d run that would be around the 4 mile mark but decided to take a couple of detours, you know, to explore? Yeah I got lost…twice! During the run I struggled too. I know some days you have bad runs and this was definitely one. It just felt hard. I managed to do it slightly quicker than my previous 4 mile run though so that’s good. I also got a little boost when I passed by two friends from parkrun who were making up for their missed run the day before.

4 mile run

Obligatory post run picture and stats! Excuse the filter, sometimes I do like to dabble with a snapchat filter!

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More Running and What My Physio Told Me

Hello all. I hope you’re all keeping warm as we experience “the beast from the east”

Monday is currently my long run day, if you can call it that. I don’t work on Mondays and I’m usually recovered from parkrun so I try to get in a longer run in the day time. This Monday, off the back of running the whole 5K I wanted to try 4 miles after completing the 3.5 mile run last Monday. To be honest I wasn’t expecting to replicate the success of Saturday’s parkrun. I thought my legs might be too tired (although they felt fine) and I just thought it might not happen again. It took me a while to go from running 2 miles to then be able to run 3 miles.

I’d decided to run the parkrun route and then repeat a small section to take me up to 4 miles. Down by the beach it was chilly (-1c) and breezy and sunny. This is the sort of weather I like to run in. I overheat so much when running that being able to run in cold weather helps me go that bit further. So I set off on Monday and felt fine, after the first mile I’d found a consistent pace, my breathing was good and I was enjoying the views over to the Isle of Wight.

I ran the parkrun course…without stopping and by this point I felt strong. I wasn’t struggling with my breathing (something I really struggled with in the early days) and nothing was hurting (always good) so I pushed on. I ran the first part of the parkrun course again, just turning back a little earlier so I didn’t end up finishing too far away from home. After running I get really cold really quick so didn’t want to spend too long outside afterwards. I completed 4 miles of solid running. When I set off I’d said to myself if I was struggling I could always stop after 5K or even at 3.5 and if I did make it to 4 miles, I’d like to do it in under an hour. But I didn’t struggle at all. Running finally seems to have clicked for me and I am loving it.

The selfie I posted on Instagram afterwards. You can follow me on there, username: bigmugoftea

Monday afternoon I went to see a local physiotherapist who comes highly recommended. He really seemed to know what he was talking about but I almost wish I’d taken a note book in so I could remember everything he said. I wanted a sort of runners MOT so I can keep ticking over until the Great South Run. He has given me exercises to improve my glutes and hip strength. He also made a couple of recommendations for new trainers and compression socks.

The next night I was back at Gosport Road Runners for Week 5 of the Beginners Group. The sessions are loosely based on the C25K plan. The longest run this week was 5 minutes. Because I know these are intervals I’m able to run that little bit faster as I know there will be a walk break. I actually led the group some of the time and was called back for getting too far ahead. It sounds ridiculous but that moment felt great!

My spin class was cancelled tonight due to the snow and I was sent home from work early so this afternoon I’ve been prepping the parkrun kit as I’m RD on Saturday, which of course means no running at parkrun for me. If there is a parkrun anyhow! I’ll see how the weather goes but my plan is to try and do 4 miles before junior parkrun on Sunday morning. This is to replace both my parkrun and long Monday run as I’m working on Monday this week.

I also worked out that during February I ran a total of 31.6 miles. That’s probably the most I’ve ever run. I know it seems so small compared to some of the figures I’ve seen but this is an amazing amount for me.

How was February for you? Have you been affected by the beast from the east?

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Snow Day!

I hate snow! Now don’t get me wrong if I don’t have to leave the house for a week and a fresh blanket of snow comes down of course it looks lovely. It’s always nice if it’s around Christmas time too. However my memories of snow are mainly of the huge inconvenience it causes. One of the reasons we were excited to move South was that we’d barely see snow again!

January 2015

The above photo was taken a week before we left Sheffield for the South. There’s a car under there somewhere! Note it’s still snowing in the picture and the snow covering the road too. This is at the top of the steep hill I lived at the top of. (January 2015)

As a child of course snow is fun. Sheffield is very hilly and my school was at the top of a mile long hill (No word of a lie) This meant the first hint of snow and school was closed! Perfect! However as an adult when you can’t drive because the roads are impassable and the buses aren’t even running, walking to work all downhill is a slippy and hellish inconvenience but also so is walking home all uphill where you take one step forward and slide two steps back!

December 2010

This is my husband knee deep in snow. We’d just walked back from work after they’d both closed due to the weather. We went and bought emergency supplies on the way home because SNOW MEANS PANIC!!!!! (December 2010)

January 2010

It does make the street look pretty though (January 2010)

Sometimes the snow would remain for well over a week and when they eventually sent ploughs round it’d stay even longer as it was a giant snow boulder/moutain!!

There was also that time we landed back at Manchester Airport to heavy snow. We were the last flight to land before they closed the airport. The journey home should have been around an hour and a half and it took 4 hours! We then had to dig our way in to our car park. Not the best way to end a holiday!

March 2013

Have you experienced bad snow before?


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November Memories Through The Years

I hope you enjoyed my post October Memories Through The Years last month. I’ve decided to make this a regular feature of my blog so without further ado, here are my November Memories Through the Years.

November 2005

On 21st November 2005 I graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with a BA Honors in Early Childhood Studies. Random fact about my graduation…Malorie Blackman, the children’s/Young Adult author was given an Honorary Doctorate at my Graduation ceremony.

November 2010

As the weather turns more wintery in the North, snow comes early. Here’s a picture of the heavy snowfall we had in Sheffield. I took a picture of the tree to show just how much had stuck to it. If there was that much on the tree, you can imagine how much was on the floor! Knee high snow is something I don’t miss since moving to the South.

Snow on tree

November 2013

Not going to lie, I’m a huge Disney fan and going to see Disney on Ice was something I always looked forward to. I think I went 4 years in a row. Two years we were front row and I managed to get a decent picture of Minnie and Mickey. It’s hard to get pictures as they’re constantly moving so everything comes out a blur!

Disney on Ice

November 2014

November 2014 gets two pictures. The first, as we were still living in the North we were enjoying walks planned by Activity Sheffield. We met so many different people and got to explore some new parts of Sheffield we were yet to discover evening after living there for over 30 years! Below is a picture of Rivelin Valley. I absolutely love the lighting in this picture. There’s no filter here, just lovely Autumn sunshine.

Rivelin Valley

However, November 2014 was the start of us moving to the South and we went to explore the area. Below is my first glimpse of Lee-on-the-Solent where I’m now happily settled.

November 2015

Our first Christmas in the South and I’m afraid I’m that person that has their tree up by the end of November. We had a real 9ft Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree

So there you have it, my favourite November memories. Here’s hoping I make new memories this November


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