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Another Bluebell Wood Run

After I posted my Bluebell Wood run on to Strava, Maria asked if I’d take her on the same run. We agreed on the Friday of that same week. We met bright and early at 7am so we could get the run out of the way early on.

We started running and pretty much stopped within a minute as we spotted some little wild rabbits. They were very cute and hopped around a little before disappearing. We then carried on and climbed up on to the cliff tops. Thankfully the weather had cooled down a bit from the Easter weekend so we ran in cooler conditions than I had on the Monday.

We stopped briefly to admire the view at the cliff top edge and then pressed on. Time passed by quite easily as we were busy chatting and catching up.

We then came across the rapeseed field and took a few selfies in there. We marvelled at how all we could hear was bird song. There was no other noise which is part of the joy of trail runs.

Selfie in the rapeseed field

We pressed on and came across the Bluebell Wood. We took a slightly different route in here, to that that I’d taken on Easter Monday. Not going to lie, I couldn’t remember which way I’d gone in the woods on the Monday. We popped back out and I didn’t know where we were but a quick look on Google Maps pointed us back in the right direction and we were soon back on the footpath we needed to be.

Bluebell Wood

We then carried on and turned away from the coast to go inland a bit. At this point I actually felt pretty comfortable. I was a bit worried the night before as I hadn’t finished work until 8.30, I was really dehydrated and didn’t eat until about 9.30pm. However, once finishing work I’d tried to make up a bit of my water intake and before setting off had a hydration tablet in some water so I think this time I was lucky!

When we finished our run it was strangely a half mile shorter than the same run on Monday! I know we took a slightly different route in the woods but it wasn’t anything like a half mile distance. It was nice to be finished just after 8am though and already have my 10,000 steps in for the day.

Do you prefer to run in a morning or evening?

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Bluebell Wood Run

On Easter Monday I went out for a trail run. My run club were offering a Bluebell Wood run on the Thursday which I couldn’t make because of work so I decided to give it a go on the Bank Holiday instead.

I scouted out the route on Strava from someone that had run the route last year and wrote down some directions….which I promptly forgot to take with me! However I was convinced I could still get us round it as I’d studied the map lots when looking at the route and I had my phone with Google Maps on so all would be well!

We got up at 6.30am to try and beat the hot weather. When we left the house at 7.15 it was nice and cool. We drove to the car park at the bottom of the cliffs and went from there. We climbed up the narrow path to the cliff tops. It was quite the obstacle course as there were lots of nettles! Luckily I managed to avoid them.

I really wanted this run to be all about the views and not the pace. I stopped frequently to take pictures.

Cliff Top

Up on the cliff tops

After the cliff tops we headed inland following a footpath alongside farmers fields. There was a field full of Rapeseed so obviously I had to take a photo in there.

Field of Rapeseed

As I then continued up the footpath I came across the woods. I took a detour in the woods to see the bluebells. The smell was absolutely beautiful as there were hundreds of bluebells.

Bluebell Wood

Bluebell Selfie

After tromping through the woods we headed back to the path we were on and continued on. We passed some stunning houses and then took another footpath which then began to wind us back to where we’d parked the car. We very briefly (perhaps 200 metres) had to run on a road to cross from one footpath to another. The road was a 60mph road, so glad we weren’t on there for long. We then ran alongside a canal back to the car.

It was a hot, but thankfully not as hot as I’d thought, run. We managed to cover a not-too-shabby 5.2 miles!

Do you like trail running?

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An Amazing Run Along The Cliff Tops

After parkrun on 5th May we sat in the cafĂ© with fellow runners and listened as they told us about a trail run they’d done on the Thursday. The route sound pretty, scenic and on the trails. A friend recently suggested to me that if I did more trail running, I’d then find the tarmac runs at parkrun easier so I’ve been looking for a trail route since then. We stalked their Stravas (how else do you find running routes?) and made a plan to run it on Bank Holiday Monday. The route pretty much followed the Solent Way.

We got up super early to try and beat the heat! We were at the car park near to the start of the trail for 8am. People were sat in their camper vans having breakfast when we arrived and one lady was having a cup of tea on the beach. The first part of the trail involved some climbing to get up on to the cliff tops so we ran in places and also walked a little. We were there behind some walkers and as the trail was very narrow we had to walk at some points. It soon opened up though and we were able to run quite freely.

I commented to my husband that this was going to make a great blog post and so he made it his mission to capture some pictures for me. Knew there was an advantage to running with him!

We had to stop a couple of times to just take in the views. We started the run at Hill Head and were heading along the coast towards Warsash. The picture below is looking back towards Hill Head.

View from the Cliff Tops

It was nice to stop, catch our breath, take in the views and not worry about time or pace.

At one point we had to drop down to the beach to continue along the Solent Way. It was really quiet on the beach with hardly anyone around.

View from the beach

We also had to cross this quirky little bridge. We decided to go over it one at a time just in case!


We ran two miles out and then turned around and headed back. It was such a lovely route that I know we can extend next time we run.

Trail Running

The only down side to this run was the flying ants! At times it felt like we needed to run with propeller arms to try and whip them away. It didn’t work though!

How do you find out about new running routes?

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