Holiday to Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

At the end of September we went for our holiday to Canada and the US. I’ve decided to split the posts in two. One focussing on Canada and the other focussing on the US.

We flew out from Heathrow to Vancouver and arrived to pouring rain! This was very much the weather the whole time we were in Vancouver and it wasn’t even drizzle on and off, it was that sort of big fat rain that soaks you to the skin. We ended up drenched on several occasions.

I love how Halloween is really celebrated in Canada and America

We did get one dry day though and decided to visit Whistler. Whistler is a skiing area and has been used for the Winter Olympics.

In Whistler Village

Throughout our time in Vancouver I still did some of my workouts which I was really pleased about. After Vancouver, we made the long drive to Calgary.

We arrived in Calgary to warnings of a snow storm coming! And it did arrive on the Saturday ready for parkrun. I’ve done a post about Nose Hill parkrun >here<

The snow really came down and there was around a foot of snow in the end. We did end up losing a couple of days to this. We’d really wanted to go out to Banff National Park a lot more than we did but because parts of it were so high, we didn’t want to risk it. However we just switched around what we did and did some shopping and visited Downtown Calgary. Banff was so pretty and scenic but I was rather disappointed not to spot a bear or moose! The only wildlife we saw was a rabbit, chipmunk and a deer. We visited the town of Banff, which was very similar to Whistler, as well as the Canada Olympic Park where I sat in the actual bobsleigh from the movie Cool Runnings! As a child, I loved this movie, and still adore it now.

Jamaican bobsled

We finally got a good few days in Banff too where, obviously, we admired the scenery and went on a couple of hikes.

Lake Moraine

Lake Minnewanka

And finally, just to give you an idea of how cold it was in Canada…

I could post so many more pictures of the beautiful scenery in Canada but I won’t flood the post with them.

Next up, Seattle, Washington…

Have you ever been to Canada?

Would you run a parkrun on holiday?

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  1. Ah it looks so beautiful in the frost and snow! I wonder if the bears were starting to hibernate by then if it was getting that cold?

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